Here are a few examples of films I created.



1hr historical expose of the power politics driving the court and courtiers of Henry VIII. Visually stunning dramatic reconstruction throughout. The entire project was produced under very tight time constraints in order to coincide with the BBC Wolf Hall drama series. 2015.


Extraordinary Animals in the Womb

Channel 4/Nat Geo

Critically acclaimed 90 mins Primetime Science Wildlife expose on the embryonic journeys of sharks, penguins, kangaroos & parasitic wasps. Filming in USA, Bahamas, Australia.  Co-ordinated complex high-end model making, specialist filming and CGI. 2008.
Wildscreen Award for Innnovation.

Shortlisted for Emmy Award.

How the Earth was Made


90 mins Top-rated Science/Prehistory: The epic 4.5 billion year geological and evolutionary history of Planet Earth. Filming in USA, Canada, Iceland, Switzerland & South Africa. 2007. 

Emmy Award winner. New York Festival Medal winner. 

Massive ratings success for History against Discovery. Led to commissioning of 20 part followup series.


How the Universe Works


“Stars” & “Black Holes”: 2 1hr parts of a top-end, CGI intensive series examining the inner workings of some of the most amazing phenomena in the Universe.  US/UK filming.


Digging for the Truth: Chinghis Khan


1 hr Primetime Presenter-led Archaeology:  Story of Genghis Khan shot on the Mongolian Steppe.  Included dramatic reconstructions of The Hordes.